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Chettinad Hospital, Chennai, is a haven for cure. It provides the best health care services with its team of dedicated doctors and world class infrastructural facilities. Experienced doctors combined with advanced diagnostic facilities and accurate treatment is offered to our patients with compassion and concern. Every life is precious to us. Our specialists at our various centres of excellence abide by the principle of treating our patients with a clear head and kind heart. Every ailment is attended to by experts and treated with utmost attention. Faith heals and our patients’ faith in us helps in their cure.

  • Round the clock services:
    • Trauma care & Intensive Care Unit, Medical & Surgical Consultancy, Blood Bank, Clinical Lab, Pathology, Bio Chemistry, Microbiology, Radiology, Multi-station Pneumatic Chute System, Doppler, Labour Room, Pharmacy, Ambulance.

  • Other Specialities
    • Cardiology

      Cardio Thoracic Surgery




      General Medicine

      General Surgery


      In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)


      Neurology & Neurosurgery

      Obstetrics &Gynaecology





      Vascular Surgery

      Paediatric Surgery

      Plastic Surgery

      Medical Gastroenterology

  • Preventive Care
    • Chettinad Hospital, believes in preventive health care. Customised health checkups suited to the need of patients are available. It helps in early diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

      Master Health Check Up

      Women’s Wellness Check Up

      Complete Cardiac Check Up

      Diacheck (Diabetic Health Check Up)

      Corporate/Industrial Health Check Up

  • Clinical Departments
    • Anaesthesiology


      Chest Medicine & TB


      Laproscopic Surgery

      Maxillofacial Surgery

      Occupational Therapy


      Paediatric Surgery


      Speech Therapy

  • Emergency & Trauma Care
    • CSSH has round-the-clock services to attend to emergencies. Ambulances are fully equipped with doctors, paramedics, emergency medicines and apparatus. The hospital has the largest team and well-established facilities to simultaneously handle multiple emergency situations – road accidents, industrial accidents, fire accidents, heart attacks, electric shocks and poisoning.

  • 24-Hour critical care facilities:
    • Coronary ICU, Emergency ICU, Medical ICU, Neonatal ICU, Paediatric ICU

      Surgical ICU.

  • Infrastructure
    • Chettinad Hospital is constructed in a sprawling 100-acre campus with lush greenery around. Situated in Kelambakkam, on the IT corridor, it is well connected by air, rail and roadways. Surgical Gastroenterology

      15 State of the Art Operation Theatres, 25 bedded Trauma & Emergency Department, 12 Bedded Trauma ICU, 2 Labour Wards, 112 Surgical, Medical, Cardiac, Neuro&Paediatric, Intensive Care Beds.

  • Rooms
    • 1 Therapeuticallydesigned private rooms, 20 Studio rooms for patients and attendants, 19 Deluxe & Standard A/C rooms – Single occupancy, 49 Deluxe & standard non A/C rooms – Single occupancy, 8 General wards, 15 beds each

  • International Patients
    • Our International Healthcare Services team ensures a one-point contact from inquiry to follow-up care. The team takes care of all the requirements of international patients and ensures a stress free ambience for each patient and the attendant accompanying them. Patients from US, Canada, UK, Iraq, Oman and African countries prefer Chettinad Hospital for treatment in our Super SpecialityCentres of Excellence.

  • International Services
    • Travel arrangements & Pick up/ Drop from airport Accommodation Medical Consultation & Hospital Admission Insurance Coverage Language coordinator and interpreter Choice of cuisine


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More than 350 screened during
health camp
Jun 25,2015 to Jun 25,2018

A health check-up camp was organized at
Gobardanga, North 24, Parganas, in
association with Bibekananda Seba Samiti and MCRWA. More than 350 ...

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More than 350 screened during
health camp
Jun 25,2015 to Jun 25,2018

A health check-up camp was organized at
Gobardanga, North 24, Parganas, in
association with Bibekananda Seba Samiti and MCRWA. More than 350 ...

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